Welcome to Streaked Images, a free media library dedicated to microbiology. The images are created by students and educators for anyone to use.

Use our photos!

You are free to use our photos for any purposes, just remember to include “CC BY 4.0 Photographer’s Name” with the image (and indicate if you make any changes). Full details of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence which applies to our images can be found here.

Image left: Environmental plate, adapted from Dane Lyddiard, CC BY 4.0

‘Get involved’ image: Stained Penicillium sticky tape slide, 400x, adapted from Asha Temple-Sharpe, CC BY 4.0

Get Involved
You can get involved in a few ways: Let us know if you see or suspect an error in a title or description, get your students involved in providing images and let people know about the gallery.